Enjoy a travel experience thats uniquely you.

Your leisure vacation should whisk you away from the chaos and stress of everyday life, not add to it - but planning a trip is time consuming and can leave you feeling frustrated and frazzled.

Now imagine if going on vacation was as easy as having your tickets and complete itinerary placed in your hands.

Let me create an exceptional travel experience for you.

No matter what your ideal
vacation is, I can help you design an experience you cannot get from
the Internet.

I’ll handle every detail so you can spend more time with your fellow travelers and fully enjoy all that your fascinating journey has to offer.

Consult with Pascale LeJeune on how
to make your luxury vacation dreams a

Here are just a few ways we can work together:

  • You want to save time in planning a complete itinerary, including transportation, accommodations and reservations.
  • You have an idea of where you want to go, but you want a VIP experience through better amenities, connections and things to do.
  • You need help deciding where you want to go and what you want to do.

“Pascale is an extremely creative and detail-oriented custom travel specialist.
She interviewed me to determine my travel goals for a trip to the Pacific Northwest and then designed a customized travel plan for me that met all of the unique characteristics I had requested. From art galleries and museums to whale watching, from winery tours to nature walks, I was able to experience everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer and then some. I would recommend for anyone wanting to travel in this region in particular that you make your first call to Pascale. Also, she is very knowledgeable and well-connected to many other world-wide unique travel experiences.”

– Andrea C.

Ready for a unique travel experience?

Here’s how we make it happen:

  1. FREE Initial Consultation with Pascale LeJeune

    We’ll engage in a 20 min initial consultation during which I discover more about you and your family’s travel goals. Immediately following our conversation I’ll send you a personal profile form and planning fee form.

    Book your free 20-minute initial consultation with Pascale

  2. your dream vacation is planned

    You’ll receive a proposal including date & time of departure, transportation, accommodation and excursion details within 7 days of our initial consultation.

  3. review the details & customize to perfection

    It’s then your turn to review my proposed itinerary and open up a discussion into what works and what doesn’t. We’ll make tweaks until you’re thrilled with your personalized trip.

  4. everything you need is placed in your hands

    You’ll receive a day-by-day itinerary packet which keeps all of your important info from A to Z in one place.


    Upon your return, we’ll discuss the highlights and lowlights of your trip. It is an honor to be your trusted travel advisor and I trust our relationship is as important to you as it is to us. This one-on-one conversation segment is a crucial part of our customer service and a promise to a long-term relationship. Ultimately, a guarantee to an even better experience next time.

A few planning details:

  • Every trip includes a planning fee, which ranges depending on project size and your travel requirements.
  • While you travel, I’m available 24/7 by phone, text and email to handle any last-minute changes or requests.
  • I follow-up with you after your trip to talk about the good, the bad, and how we can improve the experience for next time.

“Pascale helped us plan a trip to Europe – 4 countries in 8 days! Everything went perfectly: the transfers were smooth, the hotels were excellent, and having private guides in each country to make sure we were fully immersed and got to see everything we wanted was key. The guides were incredibly knowledgeable and worked hard to make sure our teenagers were also engaged in what we were seeing. All in all a very busy, but very enjoyable trip. We cant wait to go back and dive deeper into Austria and the U.K.!”

– Karen B.

We contacted Pascale to help with planning our first European vacation based on the recommendation of a friend that has used her services many times. Pascale is located on the west coast and we are on the east coast, which was not a hindrance at all in the process. She is very responsive and accessible via email and phone in both the planning process and during the trip. Pascale came up with suggested trips based on extensive questioning to determine our interests. She was very patient answering questions and addressing all requested modifications. It was great to have a bound itinerary with maps and recommendations to refer to during the trip. Having all of our transfers prearranged relieved a lot of anxiety. As did knowing that her suggestions were based on her own travel experiences. The hotels that Pascale chose were outstanding in both quality and location. Places that we would highly recommend.

– Tom H.