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Every trip begins with a blank canvas

Authentic immersion into the unique vibe of local cultures. Impeccable dining experiences at the finest restaurants.
Lush amenities and accommodations in boutique hotels.

Is this what adventure means to you? Then let me guide you through a fantastic journey...


Done right, your vacation paints a picture of rich cultural experiences and unforgettable memories.

Visit a remote village and discover the old-fashioned way of weaving carpets. Spend a weekend leisurely heli-hiking in Canada and sip a glass of wine in the hot tub at the end of the day. Casually sail through Sidney’s Harbor and dine on a remote island before heading back to the big city.

Consult with Pascale LeJeune on how
to make your luxury vacation dreams a reality.

What about family travel?

Take your children to exotic locales and help them build connections with the world.

Are you engaging your children and our future generation to become global citizens by using travel as a powerful tool to supplement their classroom learning? Be part of the new evolution in family and multi-generational travel, and trust me when I say: “It’s the highest return on your travel investment.”

It’s our family’s belief that if you can take your kids to places that relate to the subjects they’re studying in school, you’ll get them so excited about discovering powerhouse destinations from the front seat.

Destinations will be appropriate for your children based on their age, and that’s when my “Discover More” process comes into place. We’ll discover what destinations are most important for you to experience as a family, and therefore look at long-term planning. If your child is graduating from high-school in two years and you want to do an African Safari or see the Galapagos as a family, it’s time to start planning!

If you want to take it one step further, together we can plan a family trip to multiple countries for several months or even a year.

I’m excited to help you turn your blank canvas into a colorful, custom masterpiece!

Adventures & Trip Styles

Personalized Itineraries for Individuals, Couples or Families

What will your Canvas look like?

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Pascale

Let my "Discover More" process show you how I can help you attain your travel goals.


"An educated person is not one who
knows everything, but rather, one who knows where to seek answers."
- Pascale LeJeune

This certainly holds true in the luxury and the adventure travel industry. I'm plugged into both of these industries and I have established trustworthy relationships with in-destination tour operators, experts and guides. My commitment to extraordinary service and purposeful travel experiences means you can trust me
as your "go-to advisor" for planning your travels around the world.

Meet Pascale
Pascale created a fantastic itinerary for our 2-week honeymoon in Italy and Croatia. It was the perfect balance between our desire to be active, learn the culture, and also have some time to relax by the beach. We will definitely use her in the future for our next big trip."
- Kevin L.
"Pascale LeJeune, is a truly remarkable travel agent and the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is creative, helpful, efficient, courteous, and goes far beyond my expectations with a fully equipped notebook with not only the points of travel, but how to get there, what to see, other special points of interest, and recommendations of places to stay that are truly outstanding. We will always ask for her assistance in any further trips we are planning."
- Dee D.
"Pascale was recommended to me by a close friend and my husband and I have exclusively used Pascale to both recommend and book trips for us. Her knowledge of the areas we've visited were extremely valuable in recommending itineraries, hotels, tours, restaurants, etc. When we've had issues on trips she's always been very responsive and solved the issues quickly. We would highly recommend Pascale as a trusted travel advisor."
- Barbara H.